Thoughts on Music and the Brain from Deborah Davidson

I have been curating conversations between artists and scientists for over 2 years, working with a wide range of makers, practitioners and researchers on an equally broad range of ideas and subject matter.

The most recent conversation on March 23rd at the Bartos Theatre in Kendall Square, between performer extraordinaire Stan Strickland and renowned neuroscientist Ani Patel, embodied everything that I strive for in this endeavor of art talking to science. The two men were completely sympathetic, and really listening and responding to each other in conversation as if they were doing so musically. What they discussed touched all of us, as the sense of rhythm is innate to our species.

They are each in their own way compelled by the idea of music as a way of healing and connection. I was as enthralled as the audience, in spite of all the preparation in realizing the program, I was indeed lifted up; we all want to reprise the evening and do it again!

This post first appeared on the Kendall Square Association Blog

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