Listening to Catalyst

Episode 2 – Joe Akin

Researcher Joe Akin co-founded a company as he was finishing his graduate work, to better communicate scientific results. The startup REfigure, which aims to Reuse, Reveal, and Recreate, is devoted not only to helping scientists communicate their results but also to contribute to the broader population’s understanding of science. We look forward to hearing from […]

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Episode 1 – Alan Lightman

Physicist, writer, and social entrepreneur Alan Lightman is someone who literally embodies the synergy between art and science. In his scientific work, Alan has made fundamental contributions to the astrophysics of black holes and is known as the author of the international bestseller Einstein’s Dreams, which has been adapted into dozens of independent theatrical productions […]

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Announcing Listening to Catalyst!

Over five years of hosting live events in the greater Boston/Cambridge area not only gave Catalyst Conversations founder Deborah Davidson front row seats to some of the most riveting conversations between Art and Science – she’s now built an arsenal of some of the most influential speakers in the field. Deborah Davidson is getting her […]

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