the boundaries of the possible

March 28 Catalyst Conversations Reflection

A Catalyst Conversation on a damp, late-March evening, at MIT’s List Visual Arts Center: the dark side of evolution looms large, as do hopes that music can offer a model for mechanically aligning evolution’s processes with moral purpose. Kevin Esvelt, leader of the Sculpting Evolution Group at MIT’s Media Lab, presents the problem: we have […]

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Subjective Data: Nathalie Miebach and Ari Daniel

In the latest installment of Catalyst Conversations, sculptor Nathalie Miebach and science writer Ari Daniel came together at the Cambridge Innovation Center to discuss their respective work. It became clear in the course of the evening that while their mediums differ, both Daniel and Miebach are storytellers, weaving threads of data into compelling objects and […]

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Eveleth, Regency  1

Catalyst Conversations: On Beauty

Sitting in a packed room at the Broad Institute, I was privileged to be part of the audience for the HUBweek installment of Catalyst Conversations. Thursday’s conversation began with a spirited presentation by David Tester, Senior Software Engineer at Google and Visiting Researcher at the Broad Institute. Tester’s talk revolved around the question “is life […]

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Art/Science Workshops at Maud Morgan Arts

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Maud Morgan Arts to present art/science workshops. Kim Bernard, artist in residence at the Harvard University Physics Department, presents a weekend intensive ArtScience Collaboration October 24-25. ArtScience Collaboration Workshop with Kim Bernard This two day intensive workshop is designed for artists with an interest in science and scientists […]

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Thoughts on Music and the Brain from Deborah Davidson

I have been curating conversations between artists and scientists for over 2 years, working with a wide range of makers, practitioners and researchers on an equally broad range of ideas and subject matter. The most recent conversation on March 23rd at the Bartos Theatre in Kendall Square, between performer extraordinaire Stan Strickland and renowned neuroscientist Ani […]

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