9/29/14 – Georgie Friedman and Kerry Emanuel

Into The Wind

There exists a dual perception of storms as they are both beautiful and terrible at the same time and evoke in us a sense of the "sublime". Georgie Freidman and Kerry Emmanuel navigate this territory and will share their respective concerns and ideas about how storms affect us culturally, historically, and conversely, the effects of human behavior on them. Their interests as both artist and scientist respectively lead them to similar concerns - the power of nature and the fragility of life on the planet, and many questions, among them: can art elevate our awareness and can science demystify phenomena as we seek to better understand what we do not understand


Monday, September 29 6:00-7:00 pm Georgie Friedman is an interdisciplinary artist whose projects include large-scale video installations, single and multi-channel videos and several photographic series. She investigates a wide range of phenomena including mild to severe atmospheric and oceanic conditions, along with deconstructing perceived geographic boundaries. Friedman utilizes photography, video, sound, installation, engineering and the physics of light, to create new experiences for viewers. Kerry Emanuel works on various aspects of moist convection in the atmosphere, and on tropical cyclones. He is interested in fundamental properties of moist convection, including the scaling of convective velocities and the nature of the diurnal cycle of convection over land. Emanuel's group has developed a promising technique for inferring tropical cyclone activity from coarse-grain output of climate models or re-analyses.