5/13 – Alan Lightman and Jeff Lieberman

 Alan Lightman and Jeff Lieberman | Creating / Bridging

Central Square Theater
450 Massachusetts Avenue

Wednesday, May 13, 6-6:45 pm
Reception: 6:50 - 7:15 pm
Mr g performance: 7:30 pm (Use code "CC15" for discounted tickets to any performance of Mr g)

Event Details

To quote Albert Einstein: "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom the emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand wrapped in awe, is as good as dead -his eyes are closed."

As a prelude to the performance of Mr g, Catalyst Conversations is very pleased to be presenting a program with the Central Square Theater.  

Novelist, physicist, and author of Mr g Alan Lightman and artist/scientist Jeff Lieberman will engage in a lively conversation, discussing among many things the role that art mayhave in bridging the dialogue between science and religion. Through the lens of their respective interests and projects, which they experience both as makers and thinkers, their talk will be guided by questions. One of which is looking at the aims of the sciences and the arts - how they are similar and how they depart from each other.

Mr g
April 23 - May 24 at Central Square Theater

Mr g creates time, space, matter, a few basic laws of physics. These give birth to stars, planets... but intelligent life? The Creator's plans go awry when a mysterious rival questions the nature of free will. Together, we experience the birth and fate of Mr g's favorite universe: ours. Adapted and directed by Wesley Savick (who staged Lightman's Einstein's Dreams and Car Talk: The Musical!!!).

Use code "CC15" for discounted tickets to any performance of Mr g

About the Speakers

Alan Lightman is an American writer, physicist, and social entrepreneur. He was educated at Princeton and at the California Institute of Technology, where he received a PhD in theoretical physics. He has received four honorary doctoral degrees. Lightman has served on the faculties of Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and was the first person at MIT to receive dual faculty appointments in science and in the humanities. He is currently professor of the practice of the humanities at MIT. His essays and articles have appeared in the Atlantic, Granta, Harper’s, the New Yorker, the New York Review of Books, Salon, and many other publications. His novel Einstein’s Dreams was an international bestseller and has been the basis for dozens of independent theatrical and musical adaptations around the world. His novel The Diagnosis was a finalist for the National Book Award.

Jeff Lieberman explores the connections between the arts, sciences, education, creativity, and consciousness. He hosted 'Time Warp' on the Discovery Channel, reminding us how little our senses detect and understand about reality. He shows sculptures internationally, exploring our unseen interconnectedness and interdependence. He composes music in the duo Knolls. Having finished four degrees at MIT (Physics, Math, Mech. Eng., Media Arts + Sciences), he is exploring how the evolution of consciousness can cease human suffering.