3/4/13 – Larry Pratt, Courtney Peix, John Bohannon

Found in Translation

Larry Pratt, oceanographer and photographer and Courtney Peix artistic director of Contrapose Dance spoke about their recent projects, as did biologist, science journalist and creator of the “Dance Your PhD” contest, John Bohannon. Their lively talk engaged the audience with their respective ideas of using movement to express science.

Both art and science seek to comprehend our world and ourselves. Dance is a way to express in and on the body what we deeply feel, science is the rational way of seeking that understanding and beyond. Larry Pratt and John Bohannon are part of a group of adventurous scientists interested in expanding the reach of science and communicating ideas through dance. The exciting development of the collaboration of the two disciplines creates new ways of informing one through the other. In the case of Larry Pratt’s work – Dance and Oceanography: A Collaboration with Contrapose Dance, the choreography is informed by ocean science. John Bohannon is interested in scientists explaining their research through interpretive dance, and does so with Black Label Movement, a company based in Minnesota.