3/23/15 – Stan Strickland and Aniruddh Patel

@ List Visual Arts Center, Bartos Theatre 

Music has a unique ability to reach into our deepest self. Ever since Plato made this observation some 2,300 years ago we’ve been wondering about music’s effect on us. Over the past decade scientists have increasingly turned their attention to the quest to understand music’s course in the body, starting at the top—the brain.

After a snowy two month hiatus we are very excited to have musician and performer extraordinaire, Stan Strickland and renowned neuroscientist Ani Patel engage each other about the connections made when experiencing music, both as maker/performer and receiver/listener.  They will discuss their mutual interest in the facets of rhythm and healing and how those aspects are “played out” for each of them as performer and researcher, respectively.  We may even be treated to some music as part of the conversation!

Presented in conjunction with the Cambridge Arts Challenge