12/8/16 – Dennis Miller and Hubert Ho

music-and-math-copyMusic and Math | Dennis Miller and Hubert Ho

December 8, 2016, 7-8pm
Bartos Theater
MIT List Visual Arts Center

What is the nature of knowledge? Where does music lead the mind? Dennis Miller and Hubert Ho think about these big questions through the particular lens of music. Music relates to many other fields – to visual art, moving images, to mathematics. In a formal sense they both embrace music composition as a problem solving challenge – aiming to create a unified whole which communicates to the audience. On the one hand a composition defines its own authority. But broader concepts, spanning disciplines, such as form, pattern-recognition, symmetry, and recursion can be identified through music.

Both Miller and Ho address the relationship between mathematics and music, looking at their art form through the lens of another discipline. Incorporating mathematical insights, however, does not preclude the necessity, possibility, or desirability of a spiritual or emotional connection to music. Does mathematics have a role in what they experience internally as composers, and in listeners’ experiences of resulting musical compositions?