11/18/13 – Eve Andrée Laramée and Ronald Eastman

Nature, State of the World, Human Impact

In her recent work, Eve Andrée Laramée speculates on how human beings use and misuse the natural environment. Her artwork investigates the environmental and health impacts of atomic legacy sites. Through tracking the invisible traces left behind by the nuclear weapons complex and its “peaceful” dopplegänger, the nuclear energy industry, her work archives our shared atomic legacy.

Ronald Eastman is compelled by the search for patterns in Earth observation data. Geographic Information Science can be defined as the field of study concerned with the process of acquiring information from data that are arrayed in space and time. Traditionally, geographers have relied on simple analogues – maps that mimic the physical manifestation of phenomena, but which provide a scale and selective portrayal that facilitates the search for pattern. Current computational and graphical technology, however, allows enormous flexibility in exploring new avenues in the search for pattern.